Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 2 Tuesday Night: DIET AND EXERSIZE

238 pounds
Total Lost (as of last Saturday):34.3

My Wedding Day, 8/31/2013

Holy Back Fat Man!! 

1. PREPARE. most important!

  • Buy the food I can eat. Plan my meals. 
    • Trying to get a family to eat healthy is really difficult!! I will have to work on another blog for that. My kid will not eat Portabello Pizza, and actually took a bowl of nasty (but delicious) ramen noodles. This mushroom even looked amazing!!! I have two more in the fridge to make, so I'll try to get a pic of this thing. I put marinara sauce on the cap, then I brown to turkey sausages (I pre-cooked), I put 3 dabs of ricotta cheese and shred some fresh Parmesan cheese. Bake until the cheese is bubbly. YUM!!!  200ish calories 
      • (I eat 1200 calories; six times a day 200ish calorie meals)

1. Eat the right things. (Even when I go out to eat) Substitute where possible.

  • Protein. When out the flavors are so tempting. BE CAREFUL. KICK ASS! 
    • Chicken, Fish, Red meat (within criteria), stay away from pork. 
      • Lean meat, no sauces. SPICES ARE OK.. salt..well.. it's going to make you retain water, but the choice is yours. You aren't likely going to gain fat, but you will gain weight. UNDOOBIDIBLY!
  • Fat. In moderation
    • Nuts 
      • Almonds have about 200 calories in 25. 
        • a great snack, 12 almonds and a cheese stick, or some fruit.
          • the fat in the almonds quiet your brain 

      • egg yolk, avocado..cheese. (Mmmmm...cheese and wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine [in moderation]) 
  • Nutrients
    • Think Fruits and VEGGIES!! Whatever kinds you can get into your body. I like zucchini strips grilled with spices. I use a lot of FENNEL, because it is a bit sweet, so it gives me a feeling of satisfaction.. I really should eat more raw. 
  • Carbohydrates
    • I haven't started eating them yet. Not until the 1200 calorie phase is through. I am prepared though. Long Grain Brown Rice. As I understand, when toxins are released into your system from the fat cells, LGBR will actually help carry the toxins out. I will be eating Ezekial bread (freezer section, cheap at Trader Joes), with butter on it. I will eat quinoa and oats. 
  • Sugar. In moderation
    • The flirt fro-yo the other night with my family was in moderation. I had a few m&m's, and I paid for it at the gym. I gained nothing the next day. 
1.WATER no less than 64oz, Drink LOTS of water!! I'm so bad at it, unless I'm running.

1.ALL things in moderation
  • This includes sleep. 
  • This includes exercise. 
  • This includes exalting myself, even if it's on my own throne. I am not the King. God has brought me along this journey. He has kept me company, and encouraged me along. If anyone should be exalted, it is HE. 
    • I say this because when I look in the mirror I am seeing a woman I've never seen. 
    • I've never dressed this woman. 
    • I have never touched this woman. No one has. 
      • I am losing balance. God:Me:Others
        • I will love God with my whole heart, my whole soul and my whole mind. 
        • I will love others as myself.
I will finish out this week and next at 1200 calories per day. 


I run at night generally, after work. 

I use a Body Media to track my progress. Here's today's workout: 

You can see when I woke up, started work, break, lunch, break, off..hanging out. 

I ran for distance today. I did 1.5 miles. 

Current personal best...

Running sucks, but it really works well. And I feel great doing it.

Nay, I feel great knowing that I am able to do it!

The distance increase was my husbands idea.. I only did it, cuz he said I could.. it was 6 laps.. not horrible.

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