Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week One :Emo/Phys/Spir Update

Tomorrow is upon me!! Week one off the HCG.

Let me just say it has been a very tough week. Until this morning I hadn't lost anything.

Emotional Stability: I am trying to balance my value. I am not a number on the scale. I was mean to my body for its entire life, and now I see the consequences. I am excited about losing the weight and learning to live as this new person. My husband tells me that I am beautiful, but I have put into my mind that until I look a certain way, there is no way I could be beautiful in his eyes. I need counseling, the image of myself has been skewed. I will never look like the women my husband looks at. I become proud of my hard work, then see how far I have to go.  I compare myself to everyone now. I am working inwardly on replacing negative thoughts I say with positive ones. It's not easy. I'm trying to hear my husbands compliments, and believe them, that he honestly feels that way about me.

That's what is going on in my head...
Here's what's going on with my body.....

1 calorie is the energy it takes for water to rise by a single degree Celsius.

3500 of them, clumped together as a solid, equals 1 pound.

If I store 3500 calories I will weigh 1 pound more than before. If I burn 3500 calories, I will weigh 1 pound less.

My body needs a specific number of calories in order to survive. If I sit completely still, and simply breathe naturally, my body will burn a specific number of calories. This is called a BMR, or basal metabolic rate. Here's a tool I use.. 

I have a BMR of 1856.36. 

But I'm not completely still; I lift my arms, and engage my muscles; that requires additional energy. 

I need roughly 2550-2900 (1.375 & 1.55) calories per day to maintain my weight. It takes 3500 calories to equal a pound. I need to lose another 40-50 pounds, that is 140-175,000 calories I have stored on this body. 
I'm not a number, but I know how the numbers work. 


Tonight I ran a half mile at 6.0, then ran 5.0-5.5, with bursts along the way (mountain range below). I have a new personal best..10:29 mile. I believe they call those small victories. I'll take it. 

My Body Media Workout from today. It reads your level of exertion.

I was > 95% true to my diet.. My body is starting to tell me when it's time to eat.. it didn't used to, because it didn't have to. Now it's trying to talk to me, and I'm learning to listen to it!! If you'd like to know a typical day, ask. 

As I understand muscle weighs more than fat.

So I am assuming that I gained muscle (tons of squats) and held water. My muscles were swollen, from the micro doubt that I burned stored fat for energy, only eating about 1200 calories, and burning all the additional from activity. 

1856 needed for living and an additional 1000 for activity. 
Eat 1200 calories. 
2856-1200=1656+calories removed from my body. Just over 1/2 a pound. It's a lot of work, but it works. Every time. 

Muscle burns more calories... my cardio burns a lot.. but I need to burn more with weights... I think I need a personal trainer.. so I can learn how to work my body...

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