Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week One Weigh In

If you read my blog last night you know that it was a rough week....

Here goes...

Before the shots I weighed 272.2, and I believe I was still headed upward. I was in the red zone.

OBESE is the word I use at work..

I want to see who is under this chub. I am finding my confidence each day in running, and in rest. My current days off are those with my husband, but I find that I can burn MASS calories on the weekend because I am moving around so much. Today I rebuilt the front porch, it had rotted out. My husband was sleeping, bless his heart. We are having the house painted starting Monday. I love being thinner, and fit enough to be slinging lumber, and cutting it up in the Home Depot parking lot.

This is 0 days-0 lost: First day off the HCG shot. (Last Saturday)


8* DAYS 5.3 pounds LOST
It's really 7 days;because it's after midnight it added the 8th day. I have not weighed myself for Sunday.

It was not until the 6th day that I finally lost a pound. 

Yesterday morning I stood in front of the scale, and I begged it for a 2. 
I was 243.4[ish]for a solid week. I gained half a pound, but then it went away...

Back to 243.4

I worked out so hard all week. I have been so good on my diet. 

Yesterday, on the sixth day, I finally lost weight. I weighed 241.9.I would have been ecstatic to see 242, but Thank you GOD for that extra bonus point 1!

I was on the 1!! 

Out of the Two Hundred Forties. 

I don't think I've been less than 245 since I had my daughter. 

Today I was very pleased to see that not only was I OUT of the 40's, but I snatched the 30's. 


Boom. THAT is Beast Mode. 

How I did it:(more details, including pics, in the rest of my blog story) 

1200 calorie diet 
Exercise 3-5 times a week
LOTS of water 

Gonna see where this takes me... should be interesting..

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