Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week 3 Wednesday Night: First Obstacle: Back Pain

Friday night I hurt my back on the treadmill. Climbing an incline at a slow jog (bad idea).

I hurt my back seriously in 2012. Stress found the path of least resistance,  and shot out of my lower spine. My sciatic nerve was pinched,  and I was frozen for almost 24 hours before calling the ambulance. The pain was worse than giving birth,  bar none. 

Methocarbamol, a muscle relaxer available over the counter in Canada, has been my life saver along the way. It flares up,  I take the pills for a couple days,  and I'm back on with  life.  I also take supplements that the natural Chiropractor suggested.

I was out of the muscle relaxer on Friday.

I thought maybe the pain would subside. It didn't. Monday I went to the gym,  prepared to just walk.  I don't want to lose this motivation.  I am so afraid that if I stop,  it will be hard to start again (This isn't my first rodeo).

Saturday I weighed in. No loss,  no gain.  I assume I am now holding water. When I work out hard, I retain while I heal.


Today is Wednesday. No loss,  no gain.  I did beginners yoga,  20 minutes,  to stretch out my lower back, that works so well,  but then I have to get mobile, and I lose progress.

I'm not quitting, by any means. I've just begun!  It seems though,  that something like this happens every time. 

Get sick,  get hurt. Gain weight.

My sister in law posted "if it's harder to start,  don't ever stop". 

I've been mostly very careful (fro-yo with the hubsters last night) with my diet, and I'm really focusing on drinking lots of water. I've discovered the importance of water through the hcg.. water moves waste out,  water cleanses. I think part of my back issue is the lack of water.
You probably wouldn't believe me,  but I seriously only drank coffee before the hcg, I hated water (still do).
Okay. Moving forward.  Headed for 2-3-0.

This Too Shall Pass

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