Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week 3 Friday: Back Pain is Finally Passing

It's been a week since I hurt my back. I've slept the last two nights without any medicine, which is progress. (this too shall pass)

I've been doing a 20 minute complete beginners yoga class that I found on you tube. I like the guy's voice, he helps me relax.

What I have found:

  • I am SO NOT flexible! Really, it's no surprise to me, I just see the tremendous room for improvement. 
  • Same goes for my muscles; I can barely pull my own weight away from gravity!! My muscle, which I have a lot of, is probably very Kobe beef. (yum) 

  • I can't do yoga breathing very well. Inhale abdomen goes out, exhale abdomen goes down. I'm wondering if I WAS able to properly breath for running, would it help me improve my strength and  ability, can't hurt huh?! 
My next gift to myself, is to pay for a personal trainer. I want to learn how to train my body properly.

I think I'll continue with the yoga, and perhaps I'll take some real classes.  

Weight Loss


I have been sticking to my diet as far as calories go this week, and in fact I have a loss to report tomorrow...!!!


Yoga, in small doses. I also went on a walk around the block with my husband, getting more mobile again. It makes me upset, because I really have made great improvements in my health. I was motivated to get to the gym and jog.. 

note to self: no incline jogging....yet. 

I will do it again.. I still have another 50 or so pounds to go. I am still fighting. 

Writing in my blog

I work from 6 to 2:30, which are pretty nice hours when your kid is in school. It's just harder to find time to sit down and write as often. I've thought about it often..but didn't do it. It was my first week on the shift, I was working from 7:30-4, which was good too, but my daughter, 13, is home from school at 3, and she needs me. The other time is usually spent tending the house. I can't wait for Mother's Day. I am going to relax. I've never had a massage, I think maybe it's time for a first?


Continual Improvement. That's my life. I am so inspired to break my cycle, to cut off the "head of the giant" I want to see what I look like. ney, what I feel like when I am thin. I don't want to go back. This is my personal best. The lowest weight I have been in 13+ years. I have never been thin. Ever. 

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