Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 4 Friday

Don't you know?

Don't you KNOW!!??

Things WILL change.

Things'll go your way.

If you HOLD ON, for one more day.

I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day, and you'll break free;

Free from the chains.

~Wilson Phillips (from memory)

This weight loss thing is tough! I am hanging on.

Being in pain sucks. It is taking away all of my work. Running. Running. Running!

I weighed in last Saturday at 237.9.


I started running again. 

The family walked to the lake, it was 2 plus miles. I wasn't in pain. I walked most of it and jogged the last .25 mile. 


 I decided to go back to the gym, get back on the pony that bucked me off (treadmill).

I ran a 12 minute mile!!!! I didn't stop once. I felt like it went by very fast. 

.25 mile:   3:07
.50 mile: 5:53
.75 mile: 9:04
1 mile: 12:00

I weighed 272 pounds in March. I weigh 237 pounds in May. WOW. 

The more I move, the stronger I feel.


I went to the gym with my husband, and ran a mile and a half. It took me a while..I think like 17 minutes. I wasn't running as hard as I do when I go on my own. It was nice to have the time with him though.

Got home and cleaned the house, while my husband cooked dinner: pork skewers, rice and salad. I passed on the rice, ate a big helping of salad with my "homemade" dressing with garlic oil and raspberry vinegar..mmm. The pork was so good. I had a small portion that got even smaller once I nibbled around the fat.


Tonight I went to the gym, for my time alone with God, while my husband slept. On the treadmill. I was going, prepared to run a mile and a half. Then I noticed the clock on the wall.

One hour to closing.

"Self, I am going to make you run for a solid hour."

Here we go.

It was SOOOOOOOOO not easy.

I sweat more than I've ever sweat, my hair was drenched, and I was dripping.


I was kicking some ass!!!

A woman from down stairs called, "Alright you guys, we're closing!".
It was at that moment that I crossed a specific distance. Its my number actually.

I had run for one hour, without stopping!
 I just ran 4 miles!!! Holy crap (not that crap is Holy)!!! 

This is a photo from about 2 weeks ago. My stomach is flat, my hips are coming in, my legs are leaning..
There is a lot stored on my butt and entire mid section, below my belly button really. 

I need to start toning my muscles with weights, phase 2.

I'll weigh in tomorrow....

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